star atlas faction aligned companies and building ships

Faction Aligned Companies and What That Means for Building Star Atlas Ships

star atlas faction aligned companies and building ships

If you’re as excited about the introduction of crafting and mining in the Star Atlas metaverse as we are (ie, the mechanics for building star atlas ships), then you’re going to love the release we got today that takes a deeper look into the Star Atlas faction and reputation system, which will determine what blueprints we will have access to in order to build our own ship fleets from scratch!

The new medium article, titled Faction Aligned Companies, introduces a few new pieces of information about who has access to what, and includes keywords such as: loyalty, reputation, and blueprints; words that up until this point haven’t really been used by the Star Atlas development team when talking about future game play.

So let’s break it all down:

The Faction System

There are three main factions that make up the Council of Peace (COP): the MUD faction, the ONI faction, and the Ustur faction. These three factions make up the majority controlling parties of the Safe and Medium Risk zones.

Then there are 4 additional minor factions: the Jorvik, the ECOS, the TUFA, and the Photoli. These four factions claim regions within the Medium and High Risk zones.

Ship Manufacturers

Currently there are 11 known ship manufacturing companies (technically 9, however Fimbul has two additional sub-faction branches). They include:

  • Pearce
  • Busan
  • VZUS
  • Calico
  • Ogrika
  • Opal
  • Fimbul
  • Rainbow
  • Fimbul BYOS
  • Fimbul ECOS
  • TUFA

Faction Alignments

Each ship manufacturing company has certain alignments or “alliances” with either one or two of the individual factions, and this is where getting access to building specific types of ships comes into play.

The first three: Pearce, Busan, and VZUS; all have a proprietary alliance with one of the 3 main factions.

  • Pearce belongs to MUD
  • Busan belongs to ONI
  • VZUS belongs to Ustur.

The second three: Calico, Ogrika, and Opal; all have a dual alliance with 2 of the 3 main factions.

  • Calico has an alliance with both MUD and ONI
  • Ogrika has an alliance with both ONI and Ustur
  • Opal has an alliance with both Ustur and MUD.

Fimbul seems to have an alliance with no one in particular, but has two sub sections which include one belonging to the BYOS (Jorvik) faction, and one belonging to the ECOS faction, indicating there will probably be some Fimbul ships open to all, while other Fimbul ships will require specific loyalty to one of the two aforementioned sub factions.

Last, but certainly not least, there is Rainbow which belongs to the Photoli faction, and TUFA which belongs to, well, the TUFA faction (…obviously?).

See the chart below from the Official Star Atlas Roadmap Update for a visual representation of each manufacturer’s alignment.

Loyalty and Blueprints

So now that we know which ship manufacturer aligns with which faction, what does that mean?

According to the recent release by the Star Atlas team:

“Gaining access to manufacturer blueprints requires accumulated manufacturer loyalty. This will function like a reputation system. The more loyalty one garners within a manufacturer, the more blueprints they will have access to.”

What this means could be assumed into a few things:

  1. Every mission we go on will have an associated “manufacturer” the mission supports, which will in turn give you loyalty to that manufacturer when successfully completed. Since certain missions will require the use of certain types of ships, it could be that you gain “manufacturer loyalty” every time you use that particular manufacturer’s ship to complete a mission, or…
  2. We will earn “loyalty points” towards our chosen faction’s “manufacturer alignments” from every successful mission completed.

Obviously there could be additional options not listed here, but these are the two possibilities I think are most likely.

Either way, it seems like as we complete missions, part of those mission rewards will be earning manufacturer loyalty, which in turn will unlock the ability to buy certain manufacturer-specific blueprints that can then be used to build ships.

So I Can't Build Ships Belonging to Other Factions?

Don’t worry! Yes you can!

If you would like to buy/learn the blueprints from manufacturers with alignments to other factions, you will be able to purchase (or possibly earn – unknown at this time) Faction Passes, which will allow you to earn loyalty with the manufacturers aligned with other factions.

Additional Information

In addition to the new information given above, the Star Atlas dev team has also given us some additional insight on resources and ship usage/availability across factions:

  1. Resources used to build a particular ship will be in higher abundance (easier to find) in the faction zone of a manufacturer’s alignment. So for example, the resources required to build a Pearce X5 will be easier to find in MUD territory than in the other faction territories because Pearce is aligned with the MUD faction.

  2. All players/factions will be able to own and trade any ships. However, they may be subject to transport and transaction fee’s when crossing faction borders.

While this still only touches the surface of what we’re going to need to know in order to start building our own ships, it opens the door for more pre-game strategizing as knowing this information may now have an affect on which faction players choose to join, based on what ships they may want access to building in the future!

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