Star Atlas Minigame How to Get Started

How to Buy a Star Atlas Spaceship and Start Earning with the Star Atlas Minigame – SCORE Tier 0

Star Atlas Minigame How to Get Started
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The first iteration of the Star Atlas minigame, also known as SCORE, which stands for Ship Commissions on Remote Expeditions, was released on December 16th, 2021. This is the first time players are able to use their spaceship NFTs to earn rewards paid out in the ATLAS token.

While this browser-based version of the game is starting out very basic, essentially gamified staking of ships in order to “send them on missions,” the Star Atlas development team plans to expand it over time, adding more mechanics and game play in future tiers.

Within SCORE we see the introduction of four new tokens: fuel, food, ammo, and repair kits. In order to send spaceships out on missions, players need to complete what the community has dubbed “The 4 Rs,” which means refuel, repair, refeed, and restock their ships with these 4 resources. 

Any spaceships purchased prior to the release of SCORE come with a free airdrop of resources, making your ships ready to deploy immediately. Players purchasing ships after the release of SCORE will need to also purchase resources on the Star Atlas marketplace with $ATLAS in order to fill up their ships prior to sending them out on missions.

Once a player has stocked up their ships with resources and sends them out on missions, the player will then begin to earn $ATLAS rewards. The current targeted ROI from ship missions has been estimated to be about 100% APY based on a ship’s VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price), meaning a player should expect to make their ship’s VWAP back within 1 year.

What is the VWAP?

The VWAP of a ship is essentially the average price of that ship based on the different prices it was sold for by the Star Atlas development team (not based on how much you paid for it on secondary market/player sales).

Using an example given by the Aephia Industries Ships page, The first wave of the Fimbul ECOS Greenader had a supply of 450 ships that were offered for $8,200 USDC. The second wave had a supply of 300 ships that were offered for $9,185 USDC. This would leave us with this formula to calculate the VWAP: (450 x 8,200)+(300 x 9,185)/750. So, our VWAP for the Greenader is $8,594 USDC.

The VWAP determined by that calculation is what a player can use to figure out how much they can earn in rewards from staking a particular ship in the SCORE Tier 0 minigame.

In regard to mission durations, missions will run continuously as long as a player keeps their resources stocked. Different size ships have different capacity levels (meaning bigger ships can carry more resources), as well as have different efficiencies and deficiencies, meaning resources will be used up faster or slower depending on the size and type of ship.

Keep in mind that in order to keep ships out on missions, players need to consistently keep their ship’s supply of food, fuel, ammo, and repair kits up. The Star Atlas dev team has said that the rewards we get from ship missions will be more than enough to cover the costs of these resources and then some, so players should always be making a profit even despite having to keep their ships stocked with resources.

With all of that being said, let’s get into it!

1) Buy Your First Star Atlas Spaceship NFT

When the development team of Star Atlas created their NFT marketplace, they were expecting the majority of people initially interacting with it to be native crypto users. What they didn’t expect was to get a large influx of non-native crypto users to begin pouring in, which is exactly what has happened.

While this is a great thing from a user growth perspective, one of the most common issues we’ve seen so far is confusion on how exactly the marketplace works, and how to go about buying the spaceship NFTs, which are required in order to start using the SCORE Tier 0 minigame to earn ATLAS rewards.

So here is a basic, step by step guide on how you can buy your spaceship NFTs from the Star Atlas Marketplace:

  1. Get a Solana-based wallet. In this example, I am going to use the Phantom wallet, which is the easiest to use and has the best user interface in my opinion.
    • Go to the website and install the browser extension.
      • *Note that Phantom does not currently have a mobile app, so you must use a desktop or laptop. If you find any mobile apps claiming to be a Phantom wallet, they are fake. Do NOT use them or you risk losing your assets.Once you have Phantom installed on your browser, use the extension to create a new wallet.
      • *Make sure you write down your seed phrase somewhere safe, and NEVER give your seed phrase to ANYONE, EVER! No support will ever ask for your seed phrase, nor will any legitimate websites. Anyone or any platform asking for your seed phrase is a scam.
      • Check out our Blockchain Safety and Security page for information on how to properly secure your blockchain assets, along with tips and common best practices to help avoid scams and/or malicious websites.

  2. You will need both SOL (Solana tokens) and either USDC or ATLAS tokens inside your phantom wallet in order to purchase ships in the marketplace. The SOL is used to pay for transaction fees as required by the Solana network, and the ships are purchased using either USDC or ATLAS tokens. In order to get all of the above tokens, start by purchasing SOL from an on-ramp/centralized exchange:
    • United States (US) Citizens: Use Coinbase or OKcoin to buy SOL tokens.
    • International Citizens: You can use Binance or FTX to purchase SOL tokens.

  3. Once you’ve purchased some SOL on your respective exchange, send your SOL from your exchange account to your Phantom wallet’s public address, which can be found at the top of your Phantom wallet extension window. To copy the address, simply left-click the wallet name at the top. It should say “copied to clipboard” when correctly copied.

  4. With SOL now in your Phantom wallet, go to a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) such as to swap some of your SOL tokens for USDC or ATLAS. Keep in mind you want to leave at least .125 SOL inside your Phantom wallet for transaction costs when buying ships and resources for the first time.

  5. With both SOL and USDC or ATLAS now in your Phantom wallet, head over to the Star Atlas Marketplace:

  6. Once you’ve explored the ship options and have determined which ship(s) you want to purchase, select the token option you wish to use from the dropdown on the right-hand side menu: ATLAS or USDC. The order book will now show prices in whichever token you selected.
    • The lowest listed ship from the top “Ask” section is the current cheapest price listed, this is where you buy from.
    • The bottom “Buy” section shows current open buy orders, which can be used if you’re trying to sell a ship immediately. This is where you can sell to.

*TIP* Check out these various Ship Pricing Tools created by members of the Star Atlas community to find the current best deals on ships!

7. To buy the cheapest listed ship, select the lowest option in the top “Ask” section of the order book. This will fill in the Size and Price information on the right-hand side of the screen. If the Size (quantity) is more than 1, you can lower it to however many ships you want to purchase. The price listed is for each ship separately, not the total order.

8. Click “Buy Now,” and approve the transaction when it pops up from your Phantom wallet.

9. After a moment, you should see a green “Approved” transaction message.

  • If your transaction appears red and fails, verify that you have enough SOL (.023 if this is your first time buying this ship – learn more about the one-time SOL transaction fee on our Star Atlas FAQs page) in your wallet to cover transaction fees, and make sure you have enough USDC or ATLAS to cover the cost of the ship.
  • If you do have enough tokens to cover all fees, disconnect your wallet and close your browser. Re-open your browser and try again. Sometimes the connection simply needs to be refreshed.

10. Your ship NFT should appear in the Inventory tab of the Star Atlas website within a few minutes. Click the “claim”  button to claim it! If after 10 minutes or so the ship still does not appear in your Inventory tab, you may have accidentally tried purchasing from the bottom section instead of the top section, which means you still have an open buy order. Click the “Refresh” button on the Purchase page to see if your order is still in the “Open” status. You can also check to see if you have an open order or if your order needs to be manually settled by visiting

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a Star Atlas spaceship! 

2) Enlist Your Ships and Start Earning Rewards

In order to start earning ATLAS tokens with your newly purchased spaceship(s), you need to enlist them in the Faction Fleet.

  1. Head over to the Star Atlas Marketplace website and connect your wallet, then go to the Marketplace tab on the left.

  2. Select the Resources tab at the top.

  3. Purchase some of each of the 4 resources (fuel, food, toolkits, and ammunition). These are required to stock your ship and start earning ATLAS. If any of your resources reach 0, you will stop earning until the resource is re-supplied.
    • Each ship requires a different amount of resources. I suggest just starting with a general amount like 10,000 of each until you enlist your ships(s) and see how many each requires.
    • If you’d like to see how much your ships require prior to purchasing, skip to Step 4.

  4. Head over to the Faction Fleet tab on the Star Atlas Marketplace website.

  5. Select the Ship Enlistment tab at the top of the page. You should now see all of the ships you have ready to be deployed. Each ship type will be in it’s own fleet, so if you have 3 different types of ships (Pearce X4, Opal Jetjet, and Rainbow Om for example) then you will have 3 separate fleets.

  6. Click the “Enlist Ships” button for your first ship type. This will open a pop-up menu that asks you how many ships of that type you want to enlist (if you own more than one), and whether or not you want to enlist the ship with resources from your Inventory (if you own some). If you don’t own any resources yet, you can still enlist the ship, however you will not start earning any ATLAS until you supply the ship with resources. On this page it will show you how many of each resource you need to fully supply your ships.
    • To purchase resources from the marketplace, return to Step 1.

  7. Click the “Enlist Fleet” button.

  8. Your enlisted fleet will now show up under the Enlisted Fleets tab at the top. To enlist your other ships into their fleets, repeat Steps 5 and 6.

  9. From the Enlisted Fleets tab, you can manage your enlisted fleets by clicking each respective fleet’s “Manage Fleet” button.
    • There are 3 tabs under the Manage Fleet pop-up menu.
    • Resources Tab: shows you your current supply of each resource, as well as how much time each resource has before hitting 0.
    • Fleet Data Tab: shows you some resource stats such as burn rate and last supply time.
    • Manage Ships Tab: this is where you can add more ships of a similar type to your already enlisted fleet, or where you can withdraw your fleet from the faction. Please note that in order to withdraw your fleet, your fleet’s health must be at 100%. To repair your fleet’s health, use the Toolkits resource from the Marketplace.

Congratulations! If you’ve completed all of the steps above, you are now officially earning ATLAS rewards, which can be accumulated and held, used to purchase more ships from the marketplace, or swapped with other tokens for real world value!

Be sure to keep an eye on your resource supply and don’t let them go to 0, that way you can continue earning!

This is only Tier 0 of SCORE, and more features and game mechanics are expected to be rolled out throughout the coming months!

Be sure to check out our Star Atlas Frequently Asked Questions section for helpful information on current and future Star Atlas developments, as well as our Safety and Security page for good general security and safety practices to consider while using crypto and blockchain technology.

If you found this helpful, please consider sharing it to help others! If you have any additional questions or need any additional assistance, head over to the associated YouTube video (Star Atlas: How to Buy Your First Ship and Start Earning) and let me know in the comments! I will try to respond as quickly as possible!

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