Star Atlas

Safety and Security

The safety and security of your blockchain assets should be a top priority. Use the below tips and safety information to better educate yourself on how to avoid scammers and malicious websites that are trying to steal from you.

1. Use a hardware wallet such as Ledger

Hardware wallets are super important to consider because while a hacker or scammer can simply send all of your assets to another wallet once they’ve gotten access to your hot wallet (such as Phantom), they can’t do that with a hardware wallet.

This is because in order to take any actions with a hardware wallet, such as transferring an asset, you are required to have physical access to the device and manually approve each transaction by physically clicking the buttons.

ONLY ever buy hardware wallets from the OFFICIAL manufacturer’s website!! Never use 3rd party websites such as Amazon to buy a hardware wallet device, as these can come from unconfirmed sources and be bugged or tampered with.

Ledger’s official website is – but even seeing this here on this website, you should STILL confirm that it’s the legit website. (also please note my link is an affiliate link, so if you purchase using my link, I do receive a small commission at no extra cost to you, which helps support my content creation, so thank you!)

Now keep in mind, having a hardware wallet will NOT prevent the loss of your assets if you approve a transaction through a malicious website, such as a fake Star Atlas website. So even with having a hardware wallet, you still always want to verify that you are interacting with a legit website or platform before approving any transactions you make.

If you go onto a fake Star Atlas website and try to connect with your ledger device, then make a transaction and approve it, you have now given the malicious website access to your ledger wallet.

Always be vigilant!

This leads us to Tip #2

2. Only use links via Official channels, don’t use search engines

A few months ago, there was a scammer running advertisements on Google for the search term “Star Atlas,” so that when people searched for it via Google, the ad would show up right at the top of the page. The link it went to however, was in fact a malicious website made to look EXACTLY like the Star Atlas website, and the URL was only a single letter off. When players connected to this website, the website would then take all of the stuff out of their wallet with no way to get the assets back.

example scam star atlas website

Fake and malicious websites can look very legit. Be on the lookout for spelling errors, and weird switches of letters in the URL such as swapping the “t” and “l” in “Atlas” (so it looks like “staraltas”) or replacing an “a” with an “o” (staratlos), or even double letters such as “staaratlas” – a quick glance and simple things like these can be easily missed.

Never connect your wallet to any website that you didn’t get to from a link via one of the Official Star Atlas channels, such as their Discord or their Twitter.

This includes links you find when searching for Star Atlas on search engines such as Google.

Inside the Star Atlas Discord, under the main Star Atlas menu on the left-hand side, there is a dedicated channel called #links that has all of the official links in it. Only use links from this channel.

star atlas links discord

3. Only get your News and Updates from official channels

If there is a contest going on, it will be posted in the #Announcements channel on the official Star Atlas discord and on their official Twitter account.

If there is news of an airdrop, it will be posted in the #Announcements channel on the official Star Atlas discord and on their official Twitter account.

If there is ANYTHING of importance happening that you need to be made aware of, it will be posted in the #Announcements channel on the official Star Atlas discord and on their official Twitter account.

You get the point (I hope).

NEVER trust any websites that say you can “earn free ATLAS by doing this”, or “connect your wallet for a free airdrop,” or anything remotely close to that — these are ALL SCAMS.

If it’s not on OFFICIAL Star Atlas channels, it is NOT official.
If it sounds “too good to be true,” that’s because it probably is.


4. Admins and/or the Dev team will NEVER message you first

The very first thing I do when I join ANY new Discord server is go up into the server drop-down menu, select the server “Privacy Settings,” and disable direct messages. I suggest you do the same.

This can be turned back on at any time in case you need to temporarily DM someone, or have someone DM you for a specific purpose, but I suggest always turning it back off. You can also add individual people as “Friends,” which will also allow them to message you. This feature just stops messages from people you are not friends with.

Anyone messaging you (and it happens ALL the time, especially if you post in the discord chat that you’re having ANY sort of problem and need help) saying they are with the mod team, the dev team, the help desk, the service team, or any other form of “help” is MOST LIKELY trying to scam you in some way, shape, or form.

Do not trust ANY messages like this, the dev team will NEVER message you first.

There is a ticketing system built into the official Star Atlas discord for you to create a ticket if you need additional assistance, and that ticketing system creates a private room between you and the support staff. THEY WILL NOT DM YOU. They will chat with you inside the ticketing room. This also includes via Twitter and/or email. The dev team will NOT DM you on Twitter, and they will NOT send you an email.

To submit a ticket in the Discord, go to the #create-a-ticket channel under the “Support” section on the left-hand menu and follow the instructions.

Please report any suspicious activity or messages in the #scam-report room, also located under the “Support” section of the left-hand menu.

5. Never, Ever, Ever give your seed phrase to ANYONE, ever, for any reason (or share your screen!)

I feel like this one is probably the most common thing ever said by anyone in the crypto/blockchain space, and yet sadly it still happens every day so I have to reiterate it.

NEVER give your seed phrase or private keys to anyone, ever, for any reason. This includes entering them into any sort of website or app to “verify” anything.

The ONLY time you will EVER need your seed phrase is when you have installed/downloaded a new wallet to a new browser, or new computer (or just deleted the old one and are re-installing) and you need to recover/import your wallet.

BUT, you should only be doing this when you know for 100% certain that the app/wallet you’ve downloaded is from a legitimate, verified source.

If someone is “trying to help you” and they are telling you that you need your seed phrase for any reason, remove yourself from connection with them in EVERY way prior to doing anything with your seed phrase.

This includes remote desktop or sharing your screen. Unfortunately a common scam is someone sharing their screen with hackers, who end up getting to screen capture the QR code which can be used in place of the seed phrase or private key, and this is how they’re able to import the wallet to their own computer and steal everything inside the wallet.

Do not share your screen with anyone, or view/use your seed phrase while you are interacting with anyone for any reason.

6. Continue getting educated

There are new scams and tactics used by malicious entities every day. They are constantly, 24/7/365, trying to find new ways to trick people into giving them access to their blockchain assets.

A great way to avoid getting tricked into one of these is staying on top of the latest tactics and continuously educating yourself.

One of the ways I do this personally is review the #scam-report channel in the official Star Atlas discord every so often. NEVER click any of the links in there, but look at the screenshots people post of messages they receive and of websites they’ve been sent to. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with what to look for.

7. When in doubt, ASK!

While you should NEVER accept “direct help,” meaning through DM’s in the discord, the far majority of the Star Atlas community is very helpful and can be used for general, open public chat guidance.

If you are questioning anything or have any suspicions about a potential scam, always post it and ask in the #scam-reports room.

Many in the community will be able to immediately point out scams or malicious activity.

Just PLEASE DO NOT POST LINKS that you suspect as malicious in the chats, ONLY POST SCREENSHOTS. Screenshots are usually more than enough to figure out if something is a scam or not. This will help prevent other users from accidentally clicking on them as well.

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